• This Saturday, we return to World of Beer Feb 23rd

    We  are playing World of Beer this Saturday night in Arlington.  Due to many factors, we will only be playing with Liam and Ryan.  So get ready for some old school Silent Critics songs!

  • Our Return to Ireland’s Four Courts




    We are playing Jan 19th at 9:00pm at Ireland’s Four Courts.  Check it out!



    Please check out our new shows posted in the Tour section!
    See you guys

  • 9:30 Club this Saturday!






    Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you all know that we are HEADLINING the World Famous 9:30 club this Saturday Sept 15h.

    You can get tickets from us or right here ===>> http://www.ticketfly.com/

    Or at the door.

    Either way hope to see you all there on Saturday!

  • “We are Young” A fun. cover.


    Get it a fun. cover, bc its by a band named fun.  get it?  oh its not that clever, oh well, Enjoy!

  • Market Commons Dancing Little Girl!

    Dancing girl Market Commons


    A quick clip of us playing “Bad Moon Rising” at Market Commons earlier this summer.

  • California Tortilla Battle To Break Out at HFStival!

    Hey guys we are happy to announce that we made the top 40 and we are in the running to open the 2011 HFStival.  We need your support now because to get to the next level we need your votes!  Please go to this website and vote for us and spread the word!!



    Thank you all,




  • June 4th, Headlining 9:30 Club!

    Hey guys, a dream has come true and we are headlining the world famous 9:30 Club!!  We will be playing with Irresponsible and Paul Bonsiero.   We are really looking forward to this opportunity, and hope that YOU can make it to the show.  Here is a link to get tickets in advance

    ===>> http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/44745?utm_medium=api


    This is going to be a great night, and we want to share it with everyone who made this possible, our Fans!!


    See you there June 4th, doors open at 7:00pm

  • Second City’s “Buzzkill”

    Here is the invite to the official screening for Second City’s “Buzzkill”

    Hope to see YOU there!

  • Chemical Avalanches and Toxic Romances on iTunes!

    What’s up everyone, just wanted to let you all know that our CD is NOW available on iTunes!  We are really excited about this, and hopefully this is just the beginning.  Please go check it out, write a review, and rate it 5 Stars!


    Thanks, NYC on Friday at City Winery!!